Hand Painted Kitchen in Athlone, Co. Westmeath

This week it’s off to West Meath for a Hand Painted Kitchen in Athlone. This is an excellent example of the saving that can be made by an eager homeowner, keen on D.I.Y, with the help of My Hand Painted Furniture.

A new product used on this contract, Colortrend Prime 2. A fast drying water based/epoxy primer. In this post we’ll learn how it performs…


Almost all the details had already been arranged when I arrived to dismantle this kitchen in June. First contact & all correspondence was made using our Facebook Page.

The only thing left to look at was colour. The client’s first idea was grey, so we looked at “Dimpse” by Farrow & Ball. This was a little light so we chose a colour a few shades darker from the Dulux Fan Deck. It has, I think, 16,000 colours in it so every client really can get that perfect colour they are looking for.

I then take this colour code to Pat McDonnell Paints. For this contract 2.5 litres of Colortrend Prime 2 and 3 litres of Tikkurila Helmi Matt . They tinted both of these tins for me with the colour the client chose.

Kitchen Painting in Athlone

Week 1 - In the Workshop with Doors & Drawers

On day 1 we traveled to Athlone to removed all the doors, drawers & the kick board. The man of the house was hard at work tiling the kitchen, a great idea. New tiles complement the freshly painted cabinets & really complete the new look kitchen.

3 of the preparatory stages…

  • First clean with Krud Kutter Gloss Off. Serving 2 purposes, it both removes dirt and grease & de-glosses the surface, reducing sanding time.
  • We used 240 grit sanding sponges, purely to key the surface.
  • Primer applied – Grey always covers very well but a second coat is always applied for durability. The primer here is a first timer at My Hand Painted Furniture. Colortrend Prime 2 performed very well on this contract. Fast drying & good adhesion, I was able to apply a coat on each side per day & 2 coats on the frame per day.

Once 2 coats of primer have been applied to both sides of the doors they needed filling, all solid timber doors do. For this I use Toupret Fine Surface. For minor imperfections, 2mm in depth or less, it’s a perfect, an invisible repair…

The filler is then sanded smooth before the application of top-coats. Tikkurila Helmi Matt is my standard finish for all hand painted kitchens. Is has no faults in my opinion… water based, durable, flawless finish.

Week 2 - On Site, The Kitchen Frame


Thanks to the fast drying time of Colortrend Prime 2 I was able to complete the work required in the client’s home much faster than usual…

  • Day 1 – Clean with Krud Kutter Gloss Off. Sand all surfaces. Vacuum. Apply 2 coats of Colortrend Prime 2. Fill.
  • Day 2 – Sand. Vacuum. Apply 1st coat Tikkurila Helmi Matt.
  • Day 3 – Sand. Vacuum. Apply 2nd coat Tikkurila Helmi Matt. Re-fit doors & kick board.

Hand Painted Kitchen in Athlone, Co. Westmeath

This contract went as smoothly as is possible. I try to keep disruption in the client’s home to a minimum and with the help of a fast drying primer, on a small kitchen, I was able to do this effectively. It was a real pleasure to work in this home. The client and myself were very pleased with the result…

Most of the paint and materials for this contract were supplied by Pat McDonnell Paints.

Thank you for reading & …Happy Painting.