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Modern living has made the kitchen the heart of every Irish home. Its where everything happens. These days people are paying more attention to its decor, but a new kitchen is very expensive.

Nationwide Service, covering both Republic & N. Ireland

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For a fraction of the cost of fitting a new kitchen, & a lot less disruption My Hand Painted Furniture can transform your kitchen into the modern room you dream of. In the majority of cases even though your kitchen cupboards may look tired & out of date they have a lot of life left in them. All they need is the care & attention they deserve & we can provide.

At My Hand Painted Furniture we provide a specialist service in the renovation and hand painting of kitchen cabinets, a high end skill that your average decorator may not be able to provide.

We do not compete with the average decorator on price but they do not compete with us on quality, craftsmanship, product knowledge & the attention to detail required for these types of contract.

Where we do compete on price is when you compare our quotation with one from your local kitchen company to fit a new kitchen.

“But my kitchen is not made from solid wood, it’s laminated.” 

Using high performance primers from companies like Zinsser, we can prime almost any surface ready for the paint finish of your choice. We specify hard wearing satin/eggshell finish paints as standard but whatever the look you want we can provide; stain, varnish, wax, gloss…

At My Hand Painted Furniture we like our clients to know exactly what it is we do. The paints, equipment & materials we use & the process your furniture or kitchen goes through to produce the finish we pride ourselves on. In our opinion it’s the only way you can make an informed decision. 

If you are in the trade or even a keen DIY’er this blog contains a wealth of knowledge. Every piece of kit, good & bad, has been reviewed here at some stage. Check it out. Please feel free to leave comments, ask questions & interact with My Hand Painted Furniture.

Hand Painted Kitchen in Athone, Co. Westmeath

This week it’s off to West Meath for a Hand Painted Kitchen in Athlone. This is an excellent example of the saving that can be made by an eager homeowner, keen on D.I.Y, with the help of My Hand Painted Furniture.

A new product used on this contract, Colortrend Prime 2. A fast drying water based/epoxy primer. In this post we’ll learn how it performs…

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